On behalf of the organizing Committee of the 34 Traditional Karate-Do European Championship WTKF 2019 I would like to inform you that All-RTKF is a host of three international events:

  • 34 Traditional Karate-Do European Championship WTKF 2019;
  • 6 Children’s European Cup and 1 Amateur European Cup WTKF 2019;
  • III International Budo-Conference "Education of personality and self-development: martial arts traditions and contemporary science".

Participation in each of these events will be not only honorable, but also really useful for all national organizations, members of WTKF. For the first time in WTKF history there will be kumite competitions among children, as well as competition among adolescents and adults without black belts. These tournaments will be held according to a special system (Global Educational and Competition Standard – GECS) based not on age but on the technical level of the athlete.

This system has already yielded excellent results in our country – increasing safety and motivation of little athletes, number and quality of participants' performance. We have every reason to believe that after the 34 European Championship GECS can be used not only for European, but also for world tournaments. Therefore, we consider it necessary to invite to participate in these events all WTKF members who want to get acquainted with GECS and take part in judicial seminars and judging practice.

Responding to the requests of Asian national federations to participate in our events, we received the approval of the WTKF governing authorities to make the 34 WTKF European Championship open to Asian countries. We are confident that this act of good-will will serve to change the situation in the development and spreading of traditional karate-do on the Eurasian continent and will create conditions for further unification of Asian countries into a single structure within the WTKF.

I hope for the understanding from the side of all the heads of national federations-members of WTKF. We are waiting for you! The organizing Committee is working hard to organize all the events at very high level.



Yours sincerely,

Pavel Chernousov
Organizing Committee Chairman,
All-RTKF President